About Wingspan News

About Wingspan News

An exciting dedicated aerospace channel from the Wingspan Group in association with Aviation Week. Worldwide avaiation news, delivered daily from the aviation capitals of the United States and France.

Aerospace is growing fast and is entering new territory, from green flight, through mass travel to space research and innovation. At a time when aerospace is looking ahead and rebuilding, the abundant flow of specialist information and opportunity justifies a dedicated communication channel. One that can provide accurate news and other relevant programming throughout the day, on a 24/7 basis. All areas of the world are connected in this endeavour: a global response to a global change. That’s why Wingspan’s channels and platforms have global reach.

The Potential

Until the world changed with Coronavirus, there was unprecedented growth in the achievements of the aviation and space industries. This storm will pass but we know the aerospace landscape will be a different one. Now is the time for a global platform to communicate and promote the achievements and adventure of aerospace and its place in human endeavour. Informed and accurate communication hour-by-hour, to a waiting worldwide market.

Wingspan News will provide worldwide, 24/7, television video News in association with Aviation Week. Current affairs; interviews and inside stories; a showcase and a Speakers’ Corner. All provided through one portal to the whole of the aviation community, and to an international public. Free-to-air, from bureaus in Washington, Paris and the Pacific region.

News Team


Ed Hazelwood

The former Editor-in-Chief of Aviation Week Network Conferences, Ed was responsible for the editorial content of the $15 million business unit with more than 20 live events across the globe annually. He also served as Editorial Director of Aviation Week Conferences & Television and, earlier, was Senior Managing Editor of the Defense/Aerospace Group at Phillips Publishing. He was a broadcast journalist for WTVR and WAVY news for 8 years early in his career. He has served on the board of the Royal Aeronautical Society, Washington, DC Branch, and is a member of the Aero Club of Washington and the International Aviation Club of Washington, DC.


Kelly Murphy

Kelly is committed to leading organizations that need an effective and committed professional specializing in innovative communications and strategic planning to deliver strong results. She draws on 30+ years of aviation experience and long-term and valued relationships with association executives, government officials, manufacturer and supplier CEOs.


Philippe Guillon

With a group of friends Philippe founded Aerostar TV in 20014, the first European aeronautical TV channel. Aerostar TV is broadcast on French internet TV boxes like Orange TV, Free TV and Bouygues and has more than 1.5 million viewers. It is ranked in the top 20 of french IP TV channels. His background includes IT engineering for CAP GEMINI SOGETI. Philippe is a private pilot. In the 2000s he helped found www.pegase.tv, an aeronautical themed web TV for personal computers and was also a producer of aeronautic themed DVDs.


John Gardner

John has spent more than 25 years producing television programming for a variety of clients including Discovery Channel, History Channel, National Geographic, PBS and Wingspan TV USA. While with Wingspan, he also developed programming for its aviation news division. In addition, he launched Willow Tree Films to provide compelling storytelling ranging from international, award-winning documentaries to corporate branding.


Magali Rebeaud

Magali Rebeaud has extensive experience as a journalist, TV presenter, consultant and author in the aviation world. She has been involved in numerous airshows and aeronautics ventures in France, including as Head of Communications at the Paris Airshow (Le Bourget), a presenter on Aérostar TV and a journalist at Air & Cosmos magazine.


William Garvey

Editorial chief at Business & Commercial Aviation for two decades, Bill is also the longtime “Inside Business Aviation” columnist for Aviation Week & Space Technology. Prior to that, he was Managing Editor of Aviation Week Television, writing and appearing in 100+ news segments. Earlier, he was top editor at Flying and Professional Pilot magazines. He is a Commercial pilot with instrument, multiengine, glider and seaplane ratings.